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Paper Reporting

Paper reporting is the reporting of new or partial records to the ESTC using the old-fashioned method of photocopying the title page and writing all of the appropriate information on the photocopy.

Print out this page, cut out the slip below and photocopy it with the titlepage(s) of item or items you plan to report.


Library symbol___________ Shelfmark_______________________________________

Format____________ Pagination____________________________________________


Ht.____ Plate( )_______ Frontis (Pl)______ Ill______ Frontis (Ill)_____ Table _____

Adv._______ Imp. _____ Other:

For those who might find it more useful to print multiple slips at once, click here.

Send all photocopy reports to:
Center for Bibliographic Studies and Research
ATTN: Christine Straitt
University of California
1150 University Ave.
Highlander Hall, B114
Riverside CA 92521-0154

Digital Reporting

Digital reporting is the newfangled way of reporting. It involves taking a digital picture of the title page(s) and inputting the required information into some sort of word-processing format. This could be a Word or WordPerfect document or even something as simple as a text file.

The end result would be something like a handful of jpegs (with the .jpg extension) and a Word document with the required information for all of the photographed items.

Put these electronic documents on a CD and mail to the address above or send the files by e-mail to estc-reports@cbsr.ucr.edu. In the event you have more than one item to report, please send a separate email for each item.

Information Required for Reporting

Please include the following in any form of reporting.

  • Library symbol: Use the ESTC symbol for your library.
  • Shelfmark: Enter your call number or shelfmark for each book. Some libraries do not include this information.
  • Format refers to the imposition and folding of the paper of the book. Enter 1, 1/2, 2, 4, 8, 12 ° etc. for each book. See Gaskell's A New Introduction to Bibliography: Large and Medium Formats and Small Formats for detailed information.
  • Pagination refers to the number of pages in a book. Please indicate unpaginated pages by using square brackets. Examples: [2], 24, [2] p.; [2], xii, 42 p.; [5], 8-12 p.
  • Signatures: Please report the signature collation according to the formula outlined in Gaskell.
  • Half-title (Ht.): Please indicate the presence of a half-title; transcribe exactly or send photocopy/digital photo if different from title proper.
  • Plate(s): Check here if there are engravings or illustrations that are NOT part of the signatures and explain the type of plate in ‘Other’ (e.g. metalcuts, woodcuts, maps, portraits, engraved title pages). Please give the total number of numbered and unnumbered plates.
  • Illustrations (Ill): Check if there are illustrations forming part of the signatures or included within text. Please provide a description, if possible, i.e. metalcut, woodcut, map, portrait, diagrams, genealogical tables, etc. Ignore ornaments and title page vignettes.
  • Frontis: Check whether this is a plate or an illustration, note if it is a portrait or an additional title page. If the frontis. is an illustration, please indicate on which leaf it occurs.
  • Table: Check if there is a foldout or other material NOT part of a gathering; explain in ‘Other’.
  • Advertisements (Adv.): Check if there are one or more leaves of printer’s or publisher’s advertisements before the title page or at the end of the work. Give location of advertisements and number of leaves in ‘Other’.
  • Imperfections (Imp.): Check if the book has pages or plates missing or mutilated; explain in ‘Other’.
  • Other: Add useful supplementary information such as date of publication from another part of the text or colophon, the author attribution, errata slip information (give position), subject heading information; or details from any section above.

Contributing Records

A third way to see your library's holdings represented in the ESTC is to contribute records from your local OPAC or in-house electronic catalog. We prefer records in the MARC format but can work with other formats. We are interested in records for all letter press material - monographs, pamphlets, single sheet, ephemera, serials - printed in any language in the British Isles or North America before 1801. We also include any letter press material printed in English elsewhere in the world. To find out more information about sending us an extraction of your records, contact estc-technical@cbsr.ucr.edu.

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