English Short-Title Catalog (1473-1800)
North America

The English Short-Title Catalogue (EngSTC) is a bibliographic database which, when complete, will contain a record for every surviving copy of letterpress items printed in England or any of its dependencies, in any language, 1473-1800, or printed in English anywhere else in the world during that period. In order to increase access to these items, each record includes a list of all libraries known to hold copies of the item, as well as references to microfilm, digital, and other facsimile versions. The database is being constructed in partnership with the British Library, the American Antiquarian Society, and over 2,200 libraries across the world. The database is available via the Research Libraries Group's Research Libraries Information Network (RLIN) and its web-based Eureka {link} service. Microfiche and CD-ROM editions have also been produced. The Early Serials records now form part of the EngSTC database. This project, presently including approximately 4,200 records, includes newsbooks, newspapers and periodicals published within the scope of the EngSTC, and forming an integral part of the database. New records and additional holding locations are being added daily to the RLIN file; at present there are over 2 million recorded item locations and over 400,000 titles. All records are fully searchable online.

The Future of the ESTC, by Henry Snyder, An excerpt from The English Short-Title Catalog, Past, Present, and Future, Papers delivered at a conference at the New York Public Library on January 21, 1998.



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