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Many of the items in the ESTC have been microfilmed. ESTC records note when that is the case.

Items printed 1473-1640 that have been filmed comprise University Microfilms International's (UMI) "Early English Books, 1475-1640" microfilm set.

Items printed 1641-1700 that have been filmed comprise UMI's "Early English books, 1641-1700" microfilm set.

The British Library's Thomason Tracts collection (which consists of items printed during the period of crisis which occurred during the mid-17th century) comprise UMI's "Thomason Tracts" microfilm set.

Items printed 1701-1800 that have been filmed comprise Research Publications "Eighteenth Century" microfilm set.

The Burney Collection of English newspapers at the British Library and the John Nichols Collection at the Bodleian Library, covering newspapers from the 1640s to the nineteenth century, have been filmed by Research Publications in the "Early English Newspapers" microfilm set.

Periodicals from the 18th century have been filmed by University Microfilms in the "Early British Periodicals Collection".

The 18th century "English Literary Periodicals", from the bibliography compiled by Professor Richmond Bond, have been microfilmed by University Microfilms.

A group of 18th century provincial newspapers filmed by Harvester Microfilms comprise the "English Provincial Newspapers" set.

Items with Irish imprints from Dublin libraries have been filmed by University Microfilms in the set: "Irish Newspapers in Dublin Libraries, 1685-1754".

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