ESTC holdings subfields structure

Structure of the 852 Field

The 852  field contains all and only holdings relevant information. The detail of the subfields is as below:

852 bb |a Library code |b Name of institution |e Place of institution |j Shelfmark |q Copy note |x Primary location identifier |z Serials holding sequence |p Provenance |d Date of data entry |c Cataloger's identification  |r Holding record identification

Detail of the subfields:

$a Region and Library codes

The Region code appears first and is always lower case. The Library code immediately follows, and is mixed case, depending on the particular code.

For example:




$b Name of institution

For example:

American Antiquarian Society

Connecticut Historical Society

National Library of Wales

$e Place of institution

For example:

Worcester, Massachusetts

Hartford, Connecticut

Aberystwyth, Wales

$j Shelfmark

  For example:

AL Pa.



Pam. Coll.

$q Copy note

For example:

v. 1,3 have front boards detached.

$x Holding qualifier - (ex-Primary location identifier)

This subfield contains one and one only of the following:

-P for primary

-V for verified

-U for unverified

-M for machine matched

-C for matched from a catalog

-W for matched by external institutions via the STAR WEB interface

$z Serials holdings

For example:

Library has: No.1-76 (1755:Nov.8-1762:Feb.6)


The following subfields are not supported by RLIN, but in use by the BL and CBSR:

$p Provenance information

$d Date of matching

$c Cataloger's/matcher's identity

$r Holdings databaase record ID number - not exported